FPT Industrial

Tech Cube 2017

Location: Turin – Industrial Village
Services: Video contents 3D production
Partner: In collaboration with Carma Design
Storyboard, 3D production and video content production for the five interactive experiences on FPT technologies used for the reduction of consumptions and emissions.

The structure
The installations
HieDIESEL (Single Cylinder)

Design studies of a one-cylinder research engine on basis of Cursor 11 to implement cost saving opportunities.




Development of a new powertrain concept based on the integration of energy recovery, storage and re-use system with engine system control strategies. Production of decarbonized electric energy through the use of waste heat and kinetic energy recovery.


Video Interaction on LED screen, activated by proximity sensors positioned on the individual components.

Energy Management

Create an EM structure, develop HW and control systems for highest productivity and lowest energy consumption and support complex systems network calibrations. In the EU H2020 project IMPERIUM as supervisory EM control platform (e.g. tool) is developed in order to operate mentioned HW and controls systems, as well as to support complex network calibrations.


Touch Screen Led.


Address combustion to increase BMEP and engine efficiency to the maximum allowed by spark ignited combustion. In the Horizon 2020 EU public founding develop the new combustion system investigating stoichiometric and lean burn combustion and using EGR system and CNG direct injection.


Led screen on mobile track with Xray projection activated by moving the video in axis with the physical piece.

Waste Heat Recovery System

Vehicle test finalisation and analysis. WHR model development and Simulations. Cost and performance optimization of the current Waste Heat Recovery system.


Led monitor.